15 of My favourite facts

1.The act of kissing releases oxytocin in the brain – A hormone that strengthens the emotional bond between 2 people.

2.Human fetuses react to loud rock music by kicking.

3.The word “batman” is used to refer to someone’s personal servant – So, Alfred Pennyworth is actually Batman’s batman.

4.Your dreams foreshadow events in which have yet to take place. Often times, your dreams may contain warnings of danger.

5.Falling in love for the first time triggers the part of the brain associated with fear.

6.The first time you get a cold sore, the virus that causes it lurks in your body for the rest of your life.

7.Those stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.

8.Game of Thrones is filmed in the same studio the Titanic was built in, not the movie but the actual RMS Titanic

9.Norman Reedus (Daryl from ‘The Walking Dead’) plays Judas in Lady Gaga’s “Judas” music video!

10.Musicphile – a person who is addicted to listening to music.

11.People tend to confess everything during late night text message conversations

12.Some psychologists state that sleeping naked can help boost a person’s confidence.

13.Individuals who swear a lot tend to have higher IQ’s, less likely to experience depression & are overall happier than those who don’t.

14.There is nothing complicated about an Aries man, what you see is what you get

15.Psychology claims that If two past lovers can remain just friends, its either they are still in love, or never were.


Emotional pain

I felt the urge to post something today because of the issues I’m currently dealing with. This is mostly just me ranting and complaining. I apologize for the negativity, beforehand. I am deeply in need of this though.

I didn’t know how much pain a person could feel emotionally until these past few days. Anger, hatred, vulgarity, sadness, confusion, hope, despair. It’s like everytime the one thing that I want to happen the most ends up happening and I mess everything up. Just to give you a little more insight, I am in a deep pile of trouble with s friend who will remain anonymous for his sake, we shall call him Ray. I’ve always liked Ray and he’s never liked me. We have our normal moments, but we also have the worst fights. The fighting makes me very self-conflicted. My emotional state starts to deteriorate. Tonight we were talking and I decided to be honest with him, because I needed to get it off my chest because it was hurting me. Ray sent me a voicemail back in June, just telling me I was gonna be okay, because I was very upset. I saved the voicemail every week until I was sending it to my other phone and I accidentally dialed the 7 which deleted it. I asked him to do it again and he refused. That message that he left made me feel safe if I was scared, happy if I was sad and warm if I was lonely. It got me through a lot of things and now I’m feeling broken because I don’t have it anymore when I cry.

I don’t understand how God or whoever is in charge could do this. He loves us and has a plan, but how is having someone hurt us and making us cry almost every week part of our plan. I don’t know what I believe in but this has got to be a joke.

I am just so mentally drained and so unstable. I can’t sleep and I can’t think straight. I just feel so lost at the moment. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Prayers don’t work, and neither does talking it out or even just talking to Someone. I just want this pain and suffering to end.

Ray, if you’re reading this…you know exactly who you are. Can you just stop it and listen to me? Let me say everything because if I don’t things will only get worse. I know its hurting you but it’s killing me. Just listen to everything I’m not saying. I hate the way you know exactly how to make me cry and yet you don’t want to see me hurt. Thanks for the heartache.

inspirational music! :)

Lullaby by Nickelback

You’re Beautiful by Gregory Jackson

Warrior by Demi Lovato

I won’t back down by Johnny Cash 

Count on me by Default

Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis

S.I.N.G. by My Chemical Romance

I walk beside you by Dream Theater



Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Have you ever relied on someone to make your life decisions? If so, then you surely know the feelings that follow the action. Who ever you put your faith and trust in becomes your perfect drug. When you rely on someone too much, you suddenly start to need them on a daily basis. They become your addiction, you need them and you need to have them by your side 24/7. Suddenly, one day you wake up and start to realize you truly have an addiction to a person. You don’t believe it and you just brush off the thought but the more the day progresses the more you think about it. It’s starting to make more and more sense. An addiction is an addiction no matter to who or what it is. This person is manipulating you by your own hand. When they are gone you feel hopeless and empty. When it reaches that stage you should start finding a hobby or activity. If you like to read books, perhaps you should try writing a novel, biographies, essays. If you like music, try writing songs about how you’re feeling, learn a musical instrument like guitar or piano. The reason you need to do that is to replace a bad habit with a good or better one. If you are going through a situation and realize you need them, pause and go do one of those activities until the feeling of needing them passes. You have to be positive that you don’t need them to make decisions and you don’t need them to live your own life. You also have to see that you are placing a large burden on their back, you expect them to put their world on hold for you. Friends will always, always, always be there for you but they don’t want to have to feel like they are in charge of two different lives. The points I’ve made are important but the most important is to never ever bring yourself down. You made a mistake, don’t hate yourself over it. Like every other human being in the world you makes mistakes. Some may be hard to fix or even impossible but learn from things you’ve done wrong. Let it go and move on. I believe we all have the strength to remember our faults yet still be capable of moving forward. Feel the need to grow and be, in order to life a life full of promises. Love yourself and those around you,