The heart is complex

The heart is a hollow muscle that pumps blood or so it says according to Wikipedia. I say it’s something more. It’s the base of our feelings of Love and Hate and our second sector that is needed for life. Not only does it pump blood throughout our bodies; it spreads a feeling throughout us. When we hear another persons heartbeat whilst hugging or resting our heads on their chest, we feel a bond or a connection of you will. Why do we feel this connection? It’s simple, as fetuses we hear our mother’s heartbeat and as infants the sound of a heartbeat gives us a sense of security. As we grow the sound of a heartbeat symbolizes security, love, safety, home and purity. When we fall in love and have an intimate moment where we here the heartbeat of the person we love we feel a connection. The sound of their heart makes us feel at home and safe.

When we are in love and the connection we tried or have made with that person breaks and we feel it on our hearts. A subtle pain in the chest, tightness of the throat and the feeling of heaviness on the chest. Sounds like a heart attack and sometimes we’d prefer s heart attack. Those feelings stay with you as long as you decide to keep them. When you let go of the person you let go of the bad, remember the best and you build a new connection.

I’m not sure where this is even going. I’m feeling heartbroken right now so if anyone knows a good remedy for that email me please. I’m also here to talk if you need me.


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