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Marilyn Manson to blame for Columbine? Eminem blamed for murder of wife and kids? Society is blaming artists for crimes that happen daily all over the world. Elvis Presley has also been blamed for corrupting youth, as his nickname being “The Pelvis”. Communities worldwide are blaming musicians such as My Chemical Romance, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne and others for the promotion of suicide. Murders and homicides occur on a daily basis, but is music really to blame. The person who commits the crime usually has an underlying mental health issue that has yet to be uncovered or has already been diagnosed. It is possible for the person to become influenced by the lyrics or the artists actions, but misinterpretation also plays a roll. Lyrics like “You’ll understand when I’m dead” and “Don’t give a f**k if I cut my arm bleeding, this is my last resort” can easily be understood as “if I kill myself everyone will know who I am” and “Suicide is the best choice”. In reality the song was made to help the musicians audience overcome suicidal thoughts, self-harm and other actions that could potentially harm themselves or others. Most of the time the image they try to portray is that the listener is not alone and that they know that perhaps their idol has felt what they are feeling. 


Now, onto a factor that is most common in the world celebrities; Sex, drugs and alcohol. Fame and fortune has a price and judging by many lifestyles actors and musicians share. Illegal narcotics like Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin are some of the most used drugs in the world amongst many others.  Drugs create an effect of other worldly experiences. Many artists turn to drugs to escape the reality of being famous and having a lifestyle that is hard to keep private. It creates another world that they escape to whenever they feel. Eminem speaks openly about his drug addictions and rehab and has stated that drugs made him distant from friends and family. He has nearly no memory of that period in his life. Drugs are done but almost everyone the world of fame. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Demon Alcohol”, is from the POV of the alcohol. It depicts the truth about effects of alcohol. Teenagers and adults can take the lyrics in the songs and see what the artist did or is doing and can say “If he does it then I should too”. The idolization has gone to a more extreme level, it becomes an obsession.  The mirror their idols every action and try to look and be exactly like them. If the idol is caught drinking and doing drugs, they will go out and do it. They don’t care if they hurt a loved one or hurt themselves. In today’s day and age, sexuality is becoming more and more televised. The use of sexually explicit lyrics appears in most musical genres such as hard rock, Rap, R&B and pop. Marilyn Manson uses sexual imagery to convey a certain image of the lyrics. He explains in an interview anything you see in his videos is to convey an image or the way he wants you to see the song.

Long story short, musicians aren’t always the culprits in the corruption of youth. The opinions expressed in this post belong to myself and not to the users or creators of

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Top 10 Drugs and their Effects


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